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when ur fave bumps herself from number 1 to number 2 with a new song


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Taylor Swift Ain't Nothing Bout You
Taylor Swift
Ain't Nothing Bout You


Taylor Swift covering Ain’t Nothing bout You, by Brooks & Dunn, live on Speak Now Tour.

Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift The Lucky Photograph
Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift
The Lucky Photograph



New to town with a made up name,

In the angel city chasing fortune and fame,

And the camera flashes, make it look like a dream.

When I’m away, I will remember how you kissed me

Under the lamppost back on Sixth street

Hearing you whisper through the phone,

"Wait for me to come home."

Monday Mix (random mix of the week) - I usually don’t like mash ups. But. This is genius. Like really genius. I love it. I love it so much. Thank you swiftroyalty, because this is the song I didn’t know I needed. Now I’m hoping Tay and Ed keep on being friends so that we get more duets in the future.

Taylor Swift Riptide
Taylor Swift


Riptide (Vance Joy Cover) - Taylor Swift - BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge

Download link (click and “save as”)

Marina and the Diamonds FROOT
Marina and the Diamonds


FROOT // Marina and the Diamonds 

Buy: here

"I don’t know if I’ll have kids. It’s impossible not to picture certain scenarios and how you would try to convince them that they have a normal life when, inevitably, there will be strange men pointing giant cameras at them from the time they are babies.

I’m too young to get married. Not agewise, but I know myself, so why try to meet someone right now when I know I’m too young to do something serious?

Taylor on marriage and family (Instyle magazine)

Taylor Swift out in London on October 10th, 2014